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Photos by Khensani Makhubela

When I was younger – or pretty much up until matric prelims – I had notoriously good skin by no efforts of my own. I seldom broke out, and if I did, it was just two or so pimples on or between my eyebrows. So suffice it to say, I was (and still am) pretty ignorant on skincare and beauty regimens.¬†The most effort I put into my skin was¬†removing my make up before bed and using a daily face wash and face cream. I didn’t use face scrubs, masks, cleanses, toners or change my products often – and I was fine in my complacency. Until my skin decided to forsake me.

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outfit | kimono me krazy

This post was originally posted on A Fashion Friend, and to be honest, their photo edits were cooler.


photos by Josh Lubinsky

I think it’s no surprise that the summer of 2014 was kimono crazy – they’re sleek, easy to wear, take any outfit from an average person 6 to a hipster 8.5 and they make you feel completely covered even if you’re only wearing shorts and a crop top. They also serve the purpose of making house wear formal enough for leaving the house – one of the owners of Ruff Tung even told me she swears by them because she can wear them around the house yet still meet with clients, and, I mean, who am I to disagree? Comfort is cool, and so are kimonos.

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