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happy (belated) valentines day! in the spirit of all things love-related, for school, we decided that the theme for the valentines day civvies day should be disney love, because who doesnt love at least one of the disney classics? we had people coming to school as mickey and minnie mouse, lilo from lilo and stitch, esmeralda from the hunchback of notre dame and so much more. i took the opportunity to dress up as one of my favourite disney princesses, jasmine from aladdin, and suffice to say, i had my outfit planned + bought before we even announced the theme to the rest of the school.

on the 14th, we also held our annual valentines day social and our theme was casino royale – the crew worked so hard to make it happen and the turn out was great, if i do say so myself. i was, naturally, on photo duty and i took that as an invitation to have some fun with it and make some photobooth strips of our guests! it was honestly one of the most intense days of my life, and i found multiple new reasons to dislike valentines day – none of which having to do with my complete and utter singledom, funny enough. all in all, it was a success, so i thought i’d share some pics of the day! lemme know what you did this valentines day too 🙂

what i wore:
  • jasmine outfit from china town
  • head chain from fordsburg markets
  • jelly sandals from cotton on
and for the valentines social…

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things i’ve learnt from harry potter

if you know anything about me, you know that i am a potterhead. proud of it. and seeing as these movies are the only constant in my life and, at times, the only things that keep me sane, i felt that i should at least give my take on the valuable life lessons the movie franchise has taught me (yes i know they were books first, calm down. for the sake of this post, i am making movie references.) so here we go:

things i’ve learnt from harry potter
1) not everyone who wears a turban is your friend
case en point, professor quirrell. okay, not everyone is a horcrux and has voldemort on the back of their heads, but you never know what’s under there. they just might.
2) when in doubt, ginger out
if there is still some ginger-prejudice going on, you should stop it. now. if harry potter has taught you anything, its that ginger people make great friends to have because they let you stay at their house when your family is being sucky. and ginger mothers knit great sweaters. you can trust all gingers. except the girls. never trust ginger girls (i have still not forgiven ginny for opening the chamber of secrets)3) spiders are evil

*shivers* spiders are the type of creatures that will lure you into their den, contain you under the pretense of truthful information, and then send their millions of children to see you to their death. do not trust them, i repeat, DO NOT TRUST THEM. 0/10 would not recommend

4) starring as a ‘small’ role in a major movie will springboard you into blinding fame

so this isn’t necessarily applicable to my life at all, but still: even if you hate your decision, do not bite the hand that feeds you.

5) there is hope for us yet

puberty is real and neville longbottom is proof. hang in there guys, our time will come.

6) girls with colours as their first and last name are not to be trusted

mean girls moment. sorry not sorry. but either way, you shouldn’t trust her because she has a colour as her first and last name. suspicious, hmm? and she was really annoying which did not help her cause.


7) the author is not always right


okay, so hermione and ron have a historical love story and they are perfect for each other and best friends and blah blah blah – but don’t tell me you’ve never imagined the epilogue with hermione married to draco and then the movie just ends and you’re like “what the heck happened in nineteen years.” seriously. i love the canon ship, but draco and hermione make sense too. think about it. like. just. yeah.
anyway, the point of the story is that everything is not as it seems. things change. you are the author of your own life. adapt and change8) magic should be real

it really should. it’s a bit sad to imagine your life in a world that only exists in your heart *deep sigh*, but we do what we gotta do.
those were just some valuable life lessons i have learnt from my favourite movie franchise. feel free to share anything you’ve learnt too 🙂

Sushi Date With Jay Gatsby

Sushi Date With Jay Gatsby

If you are too young to have read this book for school or you haven’t read it for your own general interest, fair warning, if I accidentally spoil it for you – oops.

Every once in a while, you have to take your gal-pal out for a girl date, and last night, that’s exactly what I did. My friend Meghan and I decided to have a little sushi date and see the highly anticipated The Great Gatsby.

We went to this amazing restaurant called Tataki right across Montecasino in Fourways – they have amazing sushi. They have an All You Can Eat sushi deal for R130.00, so all I could say was, “Challenge Accepted.” Although I was full to the brim by the end of the night, I ate my money’s worth in sushi so it was a dinner well done.

We went across the road to Montecasino to see The Great Gatsby, and fair warning, do not go to Monte on a Friday night if you aren’t ready to be bombarded with couples and overwhelmed in movie lines. I seldom go on a Friday night so I had forgotten the amount of people that are usually there at those times, so if you want to go to the movies, I suggest you book online beforehand (just for your sanity’s sake).

The Great Gatsby is actually Matric (Grade 12) set work for English, but I had read the book earlier this year because I am the kind of person who will insist on reading the book before watching the movie – I love/hate making mental comparisons between my own vision of the movie and what the director had in mind (I literally finished Twilight the day before I went to see it at the movies), and let me tell you, my imagination fell short of this movie by 295923758604%.
I had just finished learning about the Great Depression in History this term, and Baz Luhrmann perfectly visualised the opulence and extravagance of the Roaring Twenties. I know parties weren’t actually like this back then, but the way everything was so overdone, from the flappers to the decor to the houses to the cars, it was absolutely beautiful. The costume designer must have had a field day working on this – the flapper era is one of my favourites. It was so classy.
Do not even get me started on how perfect Leonardo DiCaprio was as Jay Gatsby. He had the hopeful smile, the anxiety and obsessive compulsiveness down to a T. He had all the subtle Gatsby nuances down (he was also just as annoying with the excessive use of the phrase, ‘Old Sport‘). Carey Mulligan also played a beautifully ditsy and fickle Daisy Buchanan.
Now to stop myself before I say too much, let me just take a few seconds to rave about the movie soundtrack. The film score was done by Jay-Z (and The Bullitts) and on that alone, how could you  expect it to be anything less than extraordinary? Florence and the Machine, The XX, Beyonce and Andre 3000, and not to mention the amazing Lana Del Rey featured on this new school + old school soundtrack. Young And Beautiful by Lana Del Rey was such an appropriate song for the movie and it’s currently one of my favourites.
The only critique I have for the movie is at some places, Baz went a bit overboard and that caused some of the elements (in my opinion) to seem incredibly… fake. That ruined certain aspects of the movie for me but overall, The Great Gatsby was A Great Movie (maybe Leonardo DiCaprio can finally get an Oscar…?). I highly recommend it.