outfit | know yourself


photos by Nicole Norman

Hello, and welcome back to The DearSolo Blog! I would apologise for the two week vacation, but I’m preeeeetty sure I warned you in my last post that due to the big move, the blog will be last on my list of priorities, and I regret absolutely nothing! Cape Town is amazing.

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outfit | lust for leather

photos taken by khensani of glitter daiquiri 

lately, i’ve had this (ridiculous) obsession with leather. and believe me when i say it didn’t help when i went shopping the other day and ended up in cotton on, face to face with a pair of leather joggers. i stood and stared at them, as if i were in a cliched romcom. the world moved in slow motion and all i could do was look at these pants… and laugh. i thought they were absolutely ridiculous, so of course, i bought them. lol. even now, whenever i talk about them, i laugh, because they are so weird (and my family hates them) but they are, like, the single greatest thing i own at the moment.

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