fashion | about a week ago… prom 2014

before i start this post, i just wanted to take this time to be excited about Vodacom In The City tonight – i wrote about how awesome the concert was last year here, and i’m super psyched again to go for the 3rd year in a row! with acts like crystal fighters, mgmt, rudimental & phfat performing, you don’t wanna miss out! you can still get tickets here. see you there 🙂
photos taken by That Guy With Glasses 🙂

to paraphrase the beloved high school musical 3, it was the night of my nightmares and simultaneously the night of my dreams. after months of planning and stressing; weeks of gripping anxiety and fear because this giant, daunting event was finally upon me and i didnt want to be let down; days of intense pampering (the weave game, the nail game, the make up game, the eyebrow game – wednesday through friday ended up feeling like the olympics) – it all led up to one momentous occasion: matric dance (prom).

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