WIN | with dearsolo & hashtagawesome

in celebration of heritage day (24th of september in south africa), i thought it would be great to have a little giveaway! the support for dearsolo has been absolutely incredible in the past few months and this is just my little way of saying thank you 🙂

the incredible team at hashtagawesome decided to give me an eos lip balm & hand cream set to give away to one lucky reader! (south africa only, i’m afraid!) hashtagawesome is your new favourite online shopping destination, and for no other reason than they stock eos products (amongst other things, of course)! eos, or the Evolution Of Smooth, is a brand that creates the eos lip balms that you’ve seen everyone from miley cyrus to kim kardashian use, and personally, i swear by it. 

i had to get mine via the lucky people who go abroad and can buy it for me, but now, south africa has their very own way of getting eos products and a range of more!

this brings me to the competition:

in order to win, you have to do 3 simple things:
1) follow @hashtagawesomeza on instagram & like hashtagawesome on facebook.
2) follow @foyinog on instagram & like DearSolo on facebook.
3) comment #hashtagdearsolo on my instagram post.

& voila! you’re in the running to win an eos lip balm & eos hand cream set worth R99.00 each 🙂

the competition runs from 24th september 2014 until 3rd october 2014 (next week friday)! so get entering & spread the word 🙂

have a great heritage day! celebrate your culture, your food, your music and your fashion! embrace your heritage and your history 🙂 #ProudNigerian