bastille, bastille

in light of yesterday marking the annual J&B Met (of which i was unfortunately not in attendance), between sneezing and coughing my way through my saturday and habitual instagram stalking of those at the actual Met (the tgether girls exponentially increased my fomo – i am still waiting for my sunglass hut inner circle invite too), i was reminiscing of a saturday, three weeks former on the 11th of january, on which i got to see the band bastille perform live at emmarentia dam, also including the acts matthew mole (my faveeee), beatenberg and bed on bricks.

matthew mole

matthew mole kickstarted the show and i was so excited to see him perform, it was unreal. not only is he the cutest person and performer everrrrrr, his whole one-man vibe on the stage makes it so easy for him to connect with the audience. even though i missed beatenberg’s performance (we had to find somewhere shady to sit – the weather on the day was absolutely ridiculous. it was so hot i felt like i was in australia), i could still hear them perform chelsea blackmore and a cover of frank ocean’s thinkin’ bout you, which made my heart smile. buuuuuut because of the incredibly hot weather, by 3:30pm, mother nature had decided that it was time for some rain, so that had a few hundred people all trying to squish under tents and trees while bed on bricks’ performance had to be cut short. fear not, though, because literally right before bastille was supposed to come on, the rain stopped and the sky cleared – it was magical. dan, who is a british born south african by the way, was so charismatic on stage, he was giving the backstage crew man a heart attack with his incessant microphone moving because the cable got tangled. dan was climbing the scaffolding, moving across the apron of the stage and during flaws, he put on his hoodie and walked through the crowd. not even joking, he was a metre away from me – it was incredible. all in all, i think all 15 000 of us had a great time, come rain or shine (or both). a particular shoutout to jenna because it was her 18th birthday on the day!

a huge shoutout must go to nokia, seed experiences and 5fm – but in particular to nokia because without them, i literally would not have been there. their free tickets and complimentary picnic basket and blanket honestly made that day more comfortable for me and my friends! seed experiences always hosts such amazing events – their latest one is the olmeca tequila mad decent block party, this saturday the 8th of february in joburg in mary fitzgerald square and on the 9th of february in cape town at the dias parking lot – you can get your tickets here. an extra special thank you to the organisers for not making this a ‘no camera’ affair – this is one of the only concerts where i’ve been allowed to bring my dslr and what a world of difference it makes! thankyouthankyouthankyou!

i hope everyone has a great week/new month of february! with valentines day coming up soon, may the odds be ever in your favour. continue reading to see more pictures!

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alt-j? alt-YAY

if you remember a current obsession post i did back in july (woah), you’ll remember that i was (and still am) obsessed with alt-j. i also mentioned that they’ll be playing in south africa at vodacom in the city in joburg and rocking the daisies in cape town, and i was extremely blessed to have gotten the opportunity to witness it go down last friday night at mary fitzgerald square in newtown. i didn’t bring my canon with me, so all the photos i took were either with my little sony camera or my iphone, and i didn’t mind at all – i was way too busy dancing.

al bairre was an incredible opener – a true showcase of local talent! shout-out to the twins playing the cello and violin (and keyboard and bass guitar): you girls are my heroes. epitome of awesome. and the hives after alt-j were seriously the biggest jam. i left the crowd after alt-j finished (curse you tiny bladder) but even in the midst of being in the courtyard, i danced my heart out. by myself. to go right ahead.

basically, i danced as hard as i could and nearly got my phone stolen by a very silly man who makes a horrible thief (if i can take my phone out of your hand after you steal it, chances are, you’re not doing it right.) but every time i think about hearing fitzpleasure live, it was completely worth it. besides, there are only a handful of places where i get to dress full-hipster so i indulged (you can see my full outfit here).

so lemme even discuss alt-j now. from intro into fitzpleasure (my favourite song, btw) bloodflood, matilda, something good, taro, tesselate, buffalo, and then to end it off with breezeblocks. you’ve never heard me sing “PLEASE DON’T GO! I’LL EAT YOU WHOLE! I LOVE YOU SO! I LOVE YOU SO I LOVE YOU SO!” so loud – i might’ve broken the sound barrier. they were literally perfect. literally. it was like listening to the cd, except live, and so much better. they are one of those bands who are just incredible live. they work in perfect harmony.

i posted a few videos on my instagram if you want to see! (fun/sad fact: my phone memory filled up that night so i tried to delete other videos to make space, and accidentally deleted the fitzpleasure video. i nearly cried)

but above and beyond that, the biggest of thanks goes out to seed experiences and vodacom for making vodacom in the city possible for me and other music enthusiasts!

and thanks to my friends and everyone else who made it a fun night. thanks for dancing with me 🙂