beauty | the BBB: big braid bun

IMG_0840 e

Alternatively titled: My Anaconda Don’t Want None Unless You Got Buns, Hun

Seeing as it’s #ThrowbackThursday, I thought I’d post this braided hair tutorial from my A Fashion Friend flogger series!

Whenever I saw Solange Knowles or Neema Nouse – or basically every other black girl with box braids – with these gigantic buns, I was always super jealous and felt like I’d missed the memo and wasn’t privy to the big conference that taught everyone how to make these buns, because no matter how long or how thick I made my braids, my buns always looked incredibly pathetic by comparison. So, after searching for answers for a while & finally finding a useful YouTube Video, I have learnt how to accomplish the massive bun, and I’ll impart it onto you in 6 simple steps.

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