disney love

happy (belated) valentines day! in the spirit of all things love-related, for school, we decided that the theme for the valentines day civvies day should be disney love, because who doesnt love at least one of the disney classics? we had people coming to school as mickey and minnie mouse, lilo from lilo and stitch, esmeralda from the hunchback of notre dame and so much more. i took the opportunity to dress up as one of my favourite disney princesses, jasmine from aladdin, and suffice to say, i had my outfit planned + bought before we even announced the theme to the rest of the school.

on the 14th, we also held our annual valentines day social and our theme was casino royale – the crew worked so hard to make it happen and the turn out was great, if i do say so myself. i was, naturally, on photo duty and i took that as an invitation to have some fun with it and make some photobooth strips of our guests! it was honestly one of the most intense days of my life, and i found multiple new reasons to dislike valentines day – none of which having to do with my complete and utter singledom, funny enough. all in all, it was a success, so i thought i’d share some pics of the day! lemme know what you did this valentines day too 🙂

what i wore:
  • jasmine outfit from china town
  • head chain from fordsburg markets
  • jelly sandals from cotton on
and for the valentines social…

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bastille, bastille

in light of yesterday marking the annual J&B Met (of which i was unfortunately not in attendance), between sneezing and coughing my way through my saturday and habitual instagram stalking of those at the actual Met (the tgether girls exponentially increased my fomo – i am still waiting for my sunglass hut inner circle invite too), i was reminiscing of a saturday, three weeks former on the 11th of january, on which i got to see the band bastille perform live at emmarentia dam, also including the acts matthew mole (my faveeee), beatenberg and bed on bricks.

matthew mole

matthew mole kickstarted the show and i was so excited to see him perform, it was unreal. not only is he the cutest person and performer everrrrrr, his whole one-man vibe on the stage makes it so easy for him to connect with the audience. even though i missed beatenberg’s performance (we had to find somewhere shady to sit – the weather on the day was absolutely ridiculous. it was so hot i felt like i was in australia), i could still hear them perform chelsea blackmore and a cover of frank ocean’s thinkin’ bout you, which made my heart smile. buuuuuut because of the incredibly hot weather, by 3:30pm, mother nature had decided that it was time for some rain, so that had a few hundred people all trying to squish under tents and trees while bed on bricks’ performance had to be cut short. fear not, though, because literally right before bastille was supposed to come on, the rain stopped and the sky cleared – it was magical. dan, who is a british born south african by the way, was so charismatic on stage, he was giving the backstage crew man a heart attack with his incessant microphone moving because the cable got tangled. dan was climbing the scaffolding, moving across the apron of the stage and during flaws, he put on his hoodie and walked through the crowd. not even joking, he was a metre away from me – it was incredible. all in all, i think all 15 000 of us had a great time, come rain or shine (or both). a particular shoutout to jenna because it was her 18th birthday on the day!

a huge shoutout must go to nokia, seed experiences and 5fm – but in particular to nokia because without them, i literally would not have been there. their free tickets and complimentary picnic basket and blanket honestly made that day more comfortable for me and my friends! seed experiences always hosts such amazing events – their latest one is the olmeca tequila mad decent block party, this saturday the 8th of february in joburg in mary fitzgerald square and on the 9th of february in cape town at the dias parking lot – you can get your tickets here. an extra special thank you to the organisers for not making this a ‘no camera’ affair – this is one of the only concerts where i’ve been allowed to bring my dslr and what a world of difference it makes! thankyouthankyouthankyou!

i hope everyone has a great week/new month of february! with valentines day coming up soon, may the odds be ever in your favour. continue reading to see more pictures!

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It’s Not Even My Birthday

It’s Not Even My Birthday

After an incredibly stressful past few week, I have a few blog posts ready to go. The first one is from my friend Josh‘s 16th Birthday High Tea (hence the title… it really isn’t my birthday. Haha. Sorry.). He invited me and a few friends to Montecasino’s Palazzo Hotel for an afternoon high tea and let me just say that things like that really excite me for many reasons:

  1. The restaurant is beautiful.
  2. The scenery is beautiful.
  3. Miniature food is beautiful.
  4. My friends are beautiful.
  5. Did I mention the beautiful miniature food?

I honestly live for days like this, although I might have to complain that I was there all afternoon and did not stumble across any future husbands. Sigh. Whatever is a girl to do? One thing of course: make food porn. And have a photoshoot (but that is another post for another day).

So enjoy the photos of these delectable, they really are as good as they look. I should know.

Josh, the birthday boy.

Dinner Party Decor

Dinner Party Decor

See, blogging (again) this week. Progress.

After yet another school week filled with tests, assignments, chemistry and general exhaustion: here I am. The phrase TGIF doesn’t even begin to cut it. Unlike most people my age, I intend on spending this weekend doing one thing: sleeping. But, I digress.
Last night, my school held its annual Netball Dinner, and like most sports dinners, it was filled with coaches, little trophies, and speeches filled with ‘the definition of team’. Last night was no different, but it did have an aspect that left me a little awestruck: an incredible theme of Hollywood. Each team had to decorate their table and dress accordingly and I just thought that a lot of the tables had some really beautiful decor ideas. 
So, without further ado, here are a bunch of pictures of the themed tables – maybe it can inspire you for your future dinner parties 🙂
Masquerade Theme: complete with masks on tables as a name placard, fairy lights for ambiance, chiffon for colour and feathers for a centrepiece.

Snow White: apples for the theme with a cute little blurb, each person around the table can be their own dwarf and roses and apples for the centrepiece.

Despicable Me: a mixture of tissue and minions for the centrepiece and chiffon/other theme colour (predominantly blue and yellow) accessories, like tinsel! By the way, these girls even dressed the part. Goggles, gloves, yellow tops, blue stockings and denim – too cute!

007 – Casino Royale: I really loved the oversized cards for placemats. The poker chips add a nice touch and a roulette wheel for the centrepiece under a platform covered in chiffon.

Grease: a more classy and simplistic approach, using the key colours of black and pink (for the pink ladies and leather, I’m assuming) and pink flowers for the centrepiece.

Twilight: finally, the table at which I sat was Twilight themed. I loved the little little details – name tags in apples, primarily black and white themed draping, candles for ambiance, ‘blood bags’, vampire teeth sweets, syringes filled with ‘blood’ and little bottles filled with the same and the books along with the candles in the centre.

Hopefully these inspired you 🙂 have a great weekend!

The Art Of Selfie Taking

The Art Of Selfie Taking

Note: this is probably the most serious-unserious post ever. But whatever. And also, I literally did my make up in 45 seconds. So just. Yeah.

As the self-proclaimed Selfie Queen (a suitable title, seeing as taking selfies is all I do, be it for this blog [I usually take all the photos myself] or for my Instagram or for a new Facebook profile picture), I sometimes get a bit frazzled when I see people take bad selfies. Maybe I am just rather shallow, but if you’re going to put a picture of yourself onto the internet for all the world to see, why would you choose a bad one? 
So, for the amateurs or 12 year olds who have just gotten their iPhones and haven’t a clue on how to take advantage of the front camera, this post is for you:
 6 Tips On How To Take A Good Selfie
1) Know Your Good Side
Everyone has a preferred or good side, so to speak. Not all of us were blessed with the perfect enough genetics to look good from every single angle. Maybe your left side has a dimple that makes you look good? And for sure, we all have that good eyebrow. Use that to your advantage! 
2) It Is Not 2008. Let Go Of The ‘Peace Out A Town’
Who am I to lie? I did this pose throughout my entire prep school career. It was easy, and it allowed me to do something with my hands. Why get rid of a good thing? Well maybe it’s because it’s 2013. It’s time to let it go. Shh, don’t worry. You’ll find a new go-to pose soon.
3) You’re Allowed To Look At The Camera
Most people have gone through an emo/scene phase (don’t you dare lie you know you did too) and in that, we learnt that we must always hide our faces or avoid direct eye contact with the camera, in hopes that people will never look into our eyes, see our soul and realise we’re not as deep and tormented as we think we are. Whatever the case shall be, though, hopefully that phase died in this new decade, which also makes it okay to sometimes, I don’t know, actually look at the camera when someone takes a photo of you. I know. Shock horror. Let it sink in. It’ll be okay.
4) Beware Of Your Arms
Sometimes, holding a camera can be tedious and strenuous on your arms. With a DSLR, I know the struggle. But whilst taking a selfie, always be conscious of your arms. Sometimes they just get in the way and make things awkward. 
5) You Don’t Always Have To Pout

Seriously though. There are other things to do with your face. I used to be infamous for having the exact same smile in every single picture ever taken of me, but even that, too, can be a bit overboard. Yes, your smile works for you, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Shake it up a little. For example:

6) Good Lighting Is Your Friend
I am an avid believer and advocate for natural lighting. With good lighting, you seldom have to edit your photos because all your blemishes and bags under your eyes seem to be lessened by the lack of flash and the abundance of natural lighting. And always remember the age old photographers motto: The lighting must be behind the camera, not you. It does wonders.

So, that is it from me! Hopefully these ‘tips’ haven’t been completely useless, and if I offended you because you do one/all of these things, ooooops. Another school week up ahead, and hopefully I can blog in between it. Have a blessed week, friends!